The nature of work across all industries is changing: the desk job is becoming more focused on mobility. Workplace wellness has become a major trend and science is warning against completely sedentary working. Improve productivity levels with height adjustable desk solutions to reorganize your work space.


A classic desk frame designed for home and office. It is stable and flexible with adjustable heights. As the most popular model of its kind, it combines fresh design and excellent performance. It adopts the classic I-shaped steel frame structure which remains stable even when raised to its highest position. Pick your favorite table top and you are ready to go!


The integrated face to face design is even more stable with two sides independently adjustable. It is ideal for a neat office space with unified workstation layout. The mini feet enable larger space under the desk, and you can choose from various styles of screen boards to create some privacy as occasionally needed.


A perfect balance between interaction and privacy. This 120° Y-shaped three-cell workstation is an ideal choice for efficient teamwork. It makes communication much easier for three to work together while each one of them still has full control of his/her own desk. The screen boards help to split the space with privacy when occasionally needed.

Looking for different solutions? KAIDI offers even more flexibility in the work space. These bases can fill in for different situations where traditional desks might not.


With larger tabletops, ergonomic accessories, higher loads from three stable lifting columns, it is ideal for open spaces or independent office rooms and is tough enough to handle almost all complex tasks in the office. The stable frame adopts a 120° arc desk top design, equipped with three legs that work synchronously.


A flexible yet powerful enough desk solution for various occasions such as a personal reading desk, a conference platform, a coffee table, etc. It is simple and convenient which you can control and move at will. It looks slim and small but its performance and stability will never let you down.

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KAIDI offers ample customization options to get you the perfect setup. View all of our components and review product specs by clicking below.


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