The nature of work across all industries is changing: the desk job is becoming more focused on mobility. Workplace wellness has become a major trend and science is warning against completely sedentary working. Improve productivity levels with height adjustable desk solutions to reorganize your work space.


We provide a variety of lifting column legs with different shapes, sizes and specifications.  The legs are made of cold-rolled carbon steel of automobile industry standard with excellent load-bearing capacity, ensuring the durability and stability of the overall desk frame to the greatest extent.


As the foundation of the desk, our engineers carefully design the feet based on ergonomics and mechanics considerations. In order to ensure the overall load-bearing capacity and stability of the whole structure, size, and weight ratio of the foot, frame and legs are strictly measured so that shaking risk is eliminated.


The customizable frame allows for more flexibility and leg room.  Designed for simplicity and quick assembly, KAIDI frames are customizable for any desktop solution.  The Quick Install Frame does not need any tools to install the frame to the column.


The control box is the central nervous system of the entire table, which integrates all instruction codes. We are constantly optimizing the design of the control box. The 4 current types have extremely low standby energy consumption. At the same time, the weight and size are both reduced for easier and durable installation.


In addition to the basic control functions, our engineers strive to make the handset small and compact, at the same time integrated with a variety of additional user-friendly functions, such as height display, programmable height presets, Bluetooth connection, etc., to help you continuously improve the user experience.


The cleanliness of the office is no longer limited to the table top area, it must also be tidy under the table. We have designed a variety of cable trays and related cable management accessoriest that can help you avoid chaos with various cables of power, network, data, etc. It is an efficient and cost-effective cable management solution.

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KAIDI offers ample customization options to get you the perfect setup. View all of our components and review product specs by clicking below.


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