Kaidi Office USA

Welcome to the last HAT manufacturer you will ever need.

We understand the market.

The ergonomics industry is changing faster than ever. Selling standing desks is at the height of its competitiveness with innovation, price, and reliability driving the market.

So how can you compete?

We work with our customers to understand their specific business models. With personal knowledge, our American-based account managers can provide competitive, new, and reliable products, training, and marketing collateral at a price that enables you to win more business.

Introducing the easiest and fastest base to assemble in the market.

Experience the Kaidi Office Advantage

Because we own the entire process, we control lead-times, quality, and more. This allows us to keep pricing low and provide comprehensive customer service. You will never need to worry about missing an important deadline or suffering quality issues. 

We will stay connected through ongoing communication so we can help you anticipate and proactively solve problems before they even start. You’ll enjoy more uptime and profitability. 

By keeping our engineering, development and assembly departments stateside, we’re able to keep costs low and assure success for you and your customers. 

Teams within Kaidi are set up to keep you current in today’s market as well as work side by side with you to set the stage for tomorrow’s.

Adjustable Height Desks


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