a desk made for a new sustainable world 


The Modular Base solution enables you to offer your customers a highly customizable product – all while maintaining the same level of reliability you’ve come to expect from KAIDI.


1.4 in.| 36mm
per second
110 lbs|50kg
lifting power
per column


2.5 in.| 65 mm
per second
88 lbs|40 kg
lifting power
per column


1.1 in.| 29mm
per second
210 lbs|95kg
lifting power
per column

Reduce, reuse,

Sustainability and eco-conscious buying is now a top priority for all end users. Electronics in landfills pose dangers to the environment and harm human health.

KAIDI Modular bases allow greater recyclable content and promotes longer product lifespans of its non-motor components: greatly reduces electronic waste. 

optimize your inventory like never before 

Modular products offer new possibilities and complete flexibility with your offering. Customizable base components optimizes your warehouse. Enjoy real, tangible space and cost savings by having to keep less in your inventory.

practicality to the max

Switch between motors to match the specific requirements of your desk needs. Embrace the future of adaptive technology with our game-changing motor swapping part and experience a new level of flexibility and convenience in your operations.

End users can upgrade functionality or replace faulty motors without any prior technical knowledge. 

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ready to get off the ground?

KAIDI offers ample customization options to get you the perfect setup. View all of our components and review product specs by clicking below.

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